This 100 kW project was developed by Endura Energy and was completed in March 2011.  Endura entered into a 20 year roof lease with the owner of this 25,000 sq. ft. building located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  The project consists of 442 CS6P-P 230 W solar panels covering 16,000 square feet of roof space and was completed using Canadian Solar pane and the Sunlink solar mounting system.  The system is fully ballasted with no roof penetrations and is one of the first large scale rooftop solar projects completed under the FIT program.

"A key consideration for us in using Canadian Solar was the plus-only power tolerance and the consideration of light-induced effect in the nameplating of the modules.  In the limited space that we had on this rooftop we wanted to ensure that we were generating the maximum energy possible,” said Cameron Steinman, P. Eng., VP Engineering, Endura Energy Project Corp.