Located outside of the QLD town of Longreach, Canadian Solar is the developer of the recently completed Longreach Solar Farm. This 17.4 MWdc solar photovoltaic project is comprised of 51,330 Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6U-335/340M panels, began commercial operation in mid of 2018.   

Throughout the planning and development stages Canadian Solar has been committed to in depth community engagement, hosting multiple community consultation events to provide information, hear and address concerns, and to offer employment and partnership opportunities to the local businesses and workforce. In this way, we have committed to ensuring that the community benefits richly from our projects. This will have additional flow on benefits as solar energy continues to grow in regional Australia, particularly as the QLD government strives to meet its renewable energy target of 50% renewable energy by 2030. The skills and knowledge gained during the development of the Longreach solar project will allow those involved to be instrumental in the continual growth of this industry in the region.

The Longreach Solar Farm has also been beneficial to land owner and grazier James Walker, who became involved in the project to diversify his operations during the drought, providing an alternate income source that can help protect farmers against the unpredictability of climate change.


The Project will have an annual system output of 39,960 MWh, which will save 29,739 tons of CO2 emissions annually. The multiple opportunities and benefits that the Longreach Solar Farm presents to the local and broader communities is part of Canadian Solar’s ongoing commitment to making the difference.