When Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, wanted a solution the obvious choice was Canadian Solar. The house supports families with seriously ill children in local hospital, and this is the first Ronald McDonald House Charity in California to use solar energy.

The San Diego based institution will serve more than 20,000 families this year alone, and was looking for a system that was both reliable and inexpensive. The solution: a 116 kW roof- mount photovoltaic solar electric system that will help offset the electrical costs with clean energy. 

"The Ronald McDonald House Charity ensures families in San Diego receive the necessities they need as they care for their sick child, and we are so pleased to be able to provide our high-quality modules to this pivotal community facility," said Thomas Körner, U.S. general manager of Canadian Solar Inc. 


"Through its leadership in California implementing a renewable energy solution, the Ronald McDonald House Charity of San Diego will reap significant financial savings while contributing to environmental sustainability for years to come," he said. The solar installation consists of 518 Canadian Solar CS6P-P 220 W polycrystalline modules. These modules are among the top-ranked in the industry in PV USA (PTC) ratings, which are quickly becoming universally accepted standards for measuring real-world module energy production and performance. Canadian Solar, and other companies involved in the project all donated price reductions to benefit the charity.

"Ronald McDonald House Charity decided to pursue solar energy to create a healthy and sustainable environment for the children and families we serve, and to help greatly offset power costs," said Bill Lennartz, president and CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charity of San Diego. 


"Our partners have been vital to our success as a resource to families in some of the most challenging times of their lives, and we are excited to now be producing clean solar energy to help us provide care to even more families." 

The Ronald McDonald House Charity of San Diego solar electric system was designed and installed by HelioPower and will produce an average of 147,846 kilowatt hours per year. The environmental offset is equivalent to curtailing the release of 151,420 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, or planting 554 new trees and sequestering the carbon dioxide over their lifetime.