Like trees, great partnerships strengthen and flourish over time. This has certainly been Franz Ellmann'’s experience. Canadian Solar gave the Bavarian PV entrepreneur a seed from a mammoth Canadian Spruce over 12 years ago and, like his business and his family, it has done extremely well on Bavarian soil.

"I seem to be surrounded by positive growth,” he said. “The success of my solar business has also made it possible for my family to flourish and there could be no better proof of this than my daughter.”


Mr. Ellmann first bought solar panels from Canadian Solar in 2002 and has done many more deals with us since. Like his tree and his daughter, his business continues to prosper. "Investing in solar energy has always been particularly rewarding for me," he said. "The financial benefits are obvious but you also have the pleasure of knowing that this renewable energy source is kind to the environment. I am very proud of my tree. Almost as proud as I am of my daughter,” he concluded with a smile.

Trees typically convert about 1% of the sunlight that falls on them into energy which means that at efficiency levels of over 18%, Canadian Solar has one-upped mother nature.