What could be a more solid endorsement of solar energy than a US developer and operator of wind farms using it to power their headquarters. Patriot Renewables chose to go with 108 Canadian Solar PV modules to power its business operations in Quincy, MA. The company is a developer, owner and operator of commercial-scale wind energy projects in the Northeast and Southwest USA.


“Wind and solar are actually complementary rather than competitive forms of renewable energy so the Patriot solar installation has really great symbolism for us,” said Thomas Körner of Canadian Solar USA. “It goes without saying that the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, so using both solar and wind to feed energy into the grid makes a lot of sense.”


The 26 kW system that powers Patriot Renewables comprises 108 Canadian Solar CS6P-P 240 W modules and it does a lot more than simply deliver power.

“Besides saving our client money on electricity and enhancing their clean-energy profile the system also earns the company rebates from the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program, which rewards the installation of photovoltaic projects,” said Körner. In addition, the system features real-time monitoring so Patriot Renewables – and you – can see exactly how the system is performing in real time.