Not all solar panels are created equal, as stringent tests in one of the world’s toughest environments prove.  What could be a better testing ground than Australia’s blistering outback?

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) is a demonstration and test facility for commercialized solar technologies located near Alice Springs, Central Australia. It compares products from dozens of manufacturers over the long-term and the results speak for themselves.

Canadian Solar’s CS6P-250P PV modules consistently achieve best-of-class energy performance, with up to 3% higher energy yield than other leading industry brands. The 5.5 kW Canadian Solar test array has been in operation at DKASC since 1st Sept 2013 and, in its first year, the system generated 168.0 kWh/kWp electricity per month on average.

This result makes Canadian Solar one of the top 3 energy yield companies out of 25 PV systems, 10 of which are polycrystalline silicon based. The performance comparison was made based on identical system size and installation, and all PV arrays had similar deployment dates. 

Canadian Solar’s products have also shown themselves to be particularly durable in this punishing environment and handle extreme temperature variations and blown sand with ease.

Furthermore, a standardised, automated metering system has established the performance data from the DKASC as an invaluable source of long-term system level data. The information collected continues to confirm the reliability and great performance of Canadian Solar PV modules. Visit the DKASC page to see what our system installation is generating right now.