The United Kingdom’s national weather service, the MET office, has installed Canadian Solar’s famously reliable CS6P-M modules at its Exeter Headquarters.

As a world-renowned provider of 24/7 weather, climate and environmental forecasts and research, the Met Office’s Exeter HQ Energy Centre sought a reliable source of clean energy that would reduce CO2 emissions and complement their existing sustainability initiatives

They decided on a 1000 module, 250 kWp rooftop PV system from Canadian Solar, not least because the panels have a 25-year warranty and have proven themselves to be dependable under widely varying weather conditions at locations around the world. The new system is already generating around 1,000 kWhs of electricity per day - enough to meet the demand of one of the organization’s three supercomputers used to carry out research into climate change.


Installed by SunGift Solar, a renewable energy specialist offering customized solutions in the UK, this PV system is one of the largest rooftop installations in the UK. “When you’re carrying out thousands of installations every year, you need top quality modules from a manufacturer that has a trusted global reputation,” said Gabriel Wondrausch, Managing Director of SunGift Solar.

“That is why we specify Canadian Solar modules for many of our jobs. They have that distinctive quality – bankability – which gives us absolute confidence that the modules will continue to perform at a high level and give consistent results throughout their lifetime,” he said.


SunGift’s team of installers took just five days to install the Canadian Solar modules while the whole installation took about six weeks - about one and a half weeks ahead of schedule. The installation is also linked to an electricity management system that allows for real-time monitoring of the panels’ performance. And it will generate an estimated 221,000 kW hours of electricity per year and help avoid the production of around 116 tons of carbon emissions annually.