Semaca Farm, located in Peru’s lower river between Ica Ocucaje and the sea, recently utilized Canadian Solar modules to generate electricity for their facility. Previously, a 7.5 kW wind turbine was used to produce natural wind energy, but due to the farm’s excellent location and ability to attract solar radiation, a 96 kW PV system was installed. This complete PV system (modules, mounts, batteries, pumps, and inverters) meets energy needs to run the irrigation system, thereby allowing for the production of high quality organic products in the farm. This system completely replaces diesel motor pumps, and annual energy production is estimated to be at 179,000 kW.

  • Modules: 320 Canadian Solar modules were utilized in this PV system setup. These innovative modules have four busbars, meaning that they have four connections between each cell. All modules are internationally certified including the IEC 61701 standard and PID-resistant.
  • Mounts: Photovoltaic modules are mounted on a field with 6-foot tall steel poles.
  • Batteries: Two banks of batteries from Germany company Hoppecke are used in this system.
  • Pumps: The pumps are of the Hidrostal Peru brand.
  • Inverters: Frequency inverters were used in this system.

The system installation was carried out in close collaboration between the Fundo SAMACA, the company Consortium Energy of Huancavelica SA (Conehua), and Volt Delta SAC. The general supervision and coordination was conducted by Conehua. Due to the successful team spirit in which this project was completed, panel maintenance is minimal.