KTL-GS Series Three-Phase Inverters (UL) 25-40 KW

Canadian Solar’s grid-tied transformerless string inverters help to accelerate the use of three-phase string architecture for commercial rooftop and small ground-mount applications. An NRTL approved, cost-effective alternative to central inverters, these inverters are modular design building blocks that provide high yield and enable significant BoS cost savings. They provide up to 98.6% conversion efficiency, an operating range as wide as 200-800 Vdc, and up to four MPPTs for maximum energy harvest. The GS Series (UL market) inverters offer fanless and fan-assisted options. 

    Size: 23.4 x 37.2 x 14.4 in / 595 * 945 * 356.5 mm
    Weight: 147.7 lb / 67 kg

    Product features

    Max efficiency 98.6%, CEC efficiency 98.3%Max efficiency 98.6%, CEC efficiency 98.3%
    4 MPPTs to achieve higher system efficiency4 MPPTs to achieve higher system efficiency
    Transformerless designTransformerless design
    High switching frequency and ultra fast MPPTHigh switching frequency and ultra fast MPPT