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Making the difference to solar technology

The solar industry has experienced steady growth on a global scale this past year thanks to the support of many countries who have chosen to adopt solar energy into their lands. With constant technological breakthroughs happening within the industry and the steady growth it is enjoying, solar energy is playing a key role in the adoption of clean renewable energy sources for the world. In the past year, the solar industry has grown by approximately 22%, the fastest rate of growth found within any energy sector, and this growth is in no small part due to increasing efficiencies and dropping costs, with grid parity being an obtainable goal in the near future. 

Solar has proven itself to be a highly competitive player in the renewable energy market, and is now experiencing a gradual shift from utility-scale projects to more numerous, but smaller scale projects. The cost decrease of solar energy could not have been achieved without the advances in technology that the industry has enjoyed in this past year.

Canadian Solar’s free white paper “Solar Industry Technology Report 2015-2016” focuses on the innovations achieved within the area of crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) technology, analyzing the industrial chain and elaborating on the key technology developments. Chapter 1 is a brief summary of the technological changes and innovations in the industry. Chapter 2 elaborates on some key improvements within each link of the PV value chain. Chapter 3 presents innovations on system level, and chapter 4 provides a projection on the efficiencies and costs for solar energy in the future.

Download the report here or click the e-paper below for full-screen reading.