Operations and Maintenance Services

The Canadian Solar’s O&M business was born out of necessity to operate and maintain the company’s own utility scale solar power plants in Ontario, Canada. Since all the solar plants were our own, we built the O&M team to provide the best level of service and operations in order to maximize the value of these solar assets. Today, we have sold off all these original power plants to third-party asset owners. Yet our best practices and processes have become ingrained in our O&M team’s DNA and we continue to provide the same level of care and service to our third-party asset owners.

Canadian Solar O&M services are designed to maximize the lifetime value of your solar power plant assets. Leveraging our 17 years of solar industry experience and 700+ MW under operation and 1.2 GW contracted worldwide, Canadian Solar proactively monitors and manages your plants minimizing downtime and increasing site availability, resulting in maximum energy production, revenues and profitability. Customized service packages offer the right fit for any solar power plant owner.

We’re so confident of our ability to keep your solar plant operating at top performance that we can back it up with a performance guarantee. We guarantee a 99% availability ratio, and the facilities we manage exceed even that, averaging above 99.5% availability.

When you hire Canadian Solar O&M services, you are getting an experienced team that is backed by one of the most reputable and bankable solar company in the world.

Service Offerings

CSEye Site Monitoring

We have built our own monitoring/asset management

software (CSEye) to provide critical 24/7/365 remote

monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting. Developed by

using years of aggregated data from our PV plants under

O&M, our proprietary algorithms are used to:

  • Analyze daily plant performance
  • Pinpoint potential problems even if they are not reported by the SCADA system

We have a NERC compliant Operations Control Center

(OCC) to monitor and respond to any anomalies in real-



Daily, Monthly and Annual reports provide a record of key

parameters and significant operational events and trends.

Reports include:

  • Executive summary
  • Daily performance statistics
  • Annual performance
  • Maintenance summary
  • Spare parts summary
  • Summary of technical and other issues
  • Root cause analysis for corrective maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

We continuously review the condition, operability and

safety of all PV systems and perform the required

preventative maintenance to ensure maximum

performance of the plant. We minimize generational losses

when performing preventative maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

We arrange for corrective maintenance to be performed on

site. Our field technicians have experience with numerous

module, inverter, tracker, and other BOS technologies.

Warranty Management

Let Canadian Solar be your advocate for all warranty claims.

We will enforce your claims and exercise all your rights

arising under warranties and guarantees for components

located within the project.

Spare Parts Management

Canadian Solar can maintain an inventory of spare parts

either on site or at an off-site facility controlled by the



At Canadian Solar, safety is of paramount importance. We ensure the safety of all maintenance activities performed at the site. To date, we have zero lost time due to any safety issues.

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