Camel Energy Storage System

The Camel Energy Storage System is a great investment to help reduce your energy bills at home. During the daytime it charges its battery using solar energy and then uses the electricity from the battery during peak rate hours. Equipped with a bidirectional inverter, a battery pack and an energy management unit, the Camel Energy Storage System is an all-in-one-solution that has two automatic power charging modes for on- and off-grid. When the grid is down during an emergency, the energy storage system will automatically switch to off-grid mode for continuous power supply.

Position: 7.2 kWh / 4.8 kWh
Size:  547 * 831 * 722 mm
Weight:  135 kg / 110 kg

Product features

Works with existing & new systemsWorks with existing & new systems
Over 4000 charge/discharge cycles
Over 4000 charge/discharge cycles

High-speed battery charging 
High-speed battery charging 

On-grid and off-grid battery chargingOn-grid and off-grid battery charging