Alpine Knits Hybrid System, India


1 MW Solar-diesel System for Alpine Knits in India.

Indian engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services provider, Chemtrols Solar Pty. Ltd, has completed a 1 MW photovoltaic-diesel hybrid solar system in Tamil Nadu for Alpine Knits (India) Pty. Ltd.

The EPC company said in a statement on Tuesday that the facility, which was hooked up to the grid at the end of March, would be able to cover as much as 65% of the Alpine Knits Tirupur spinning mill’s power needs during power cuts. The rooftop system uses modules from Canadian Solar Inc (NASDAQ:CSIQ), inverters from German SMA Solar Technology AG (FRA:S92) and power equipment from Swiss ABB Ltd (VTX:ABBN).

Chemtrols explained that the textile industry in the state of Tamil Nadu is seriously affected by power shortages. And solar power systems combined with diesel generators are a solution. Together, they bring down the total costs of running the spinning mills by nearly a third.


Tamil Nadu, India


Eco Impact

Co2 saved   Annual During minimal product life time 147436850 t
117,920 2,948,000
Trees planted
590 14,740
Cars off the road for one year
3,995 99,864
KM air travel
665 16,637
Average homes heated